hiroshi shibasaki

Hiroshi Shibasaki used to go to the Yamaha Music School before his
debut in WANDS, and after withdrawing from the band in 1996, he formed
al.ni.co with Show Wesugi. Like an interview says, for Shibasaki, al.ni.co was more like helping Wesugi and playing his song but they officially appeared as a duet.
In 2000 Hiroshi composed the single ”Black and White“ (B-Side of the single ”Free“) for Takashi Sorimachi and in 2001 al.ni.co disbanded after publishing 3 singles and 1 album. From here, he started to work as singer/guitarist in the band ”Strange Egg“.
Then, he supported Nanase Aikawa in her tour and in 2004 he started to work with Takanori Nishikawa in his T.M.Revolution project supporting him in his concerts and playing the guitar in the songs of the albums. For example, we can see Hiroshi’s name on the album and in the live concert of UNDER:COVER (2004).
In 2005 he formed the band abingdon boys school with Takanori Nishikawa and other two support members of T.M.Revolution (Sunao and Toshiyuki Kishi). Besides abingdon boys school, he also has another band called ”Toshimi Project“.
Finally he also composed two songs called ”Come out of a coma“ and ”ray of light“ for a guitar magazine.
He has a dog called Chappi.

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Discography in al.ni.co

Discography in abingdon boys school

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