issei sugimoto

Issei Ambo, or better known as Issei Sugimoto, is still working in the
world music doing many projects. During his period in WANDS, he composed a song called ”With My Best Wishes“, which was an instrumental song made with only guitar melodies. This song was released in a compilation album called ”Guitar Monster Vol.2“ (There is a Vol.1 too) where famous Japanese guitarists composed instrumental songs. This CD was released on September 13th 1997.
After the disbandment of WANDS in 2000, Issei used to be a support guitarist for the artists Fayray and Mai Kuraki. In 2003 he became a member of the band flow-war (its previous name was flower) and released 3 singles and 1 album with them. When flow-war disbanded in 2004, the singer of the band and Issei formed a band called CANDYMAN. They released 1 album, 2 singles and 2 live DVDs. When they disbanded in 2009, Issei formed a new band called LIT-HUM which hasn’t released anything yet, but created some demo songs and produced many artists like Crush Tears and Shinsengumi Lien and partedipated to the production of the song ”For Your Smile“ sang by Live Stand Boys, a group of three boys formed in occasion of the Live Stand event in 2009. On December 24th 2009, LIT-HUM made a concert called ”FLUCTUATION“ playing some covers, some WANDS songs and some original stuff.
Then he worked with clear, a japanese male singer of Nico Nico Douga and made some live sessions with him.
On March 28th 2011 he made a concert at MeguroLIVE STATION with Jiro Waku, who was invited as Secret Guest Vocalist.

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