shinya kimura

Shinya Kimura debuted at the end of the year 1992 with the song
”Sekaijuu No Dare Yori Kitto“ in WANDS, but we can hear something composed by him only in 1995 when WANDS published the album ”PIECE OF MY SOUL“. In fact, in this album, Shinya composed the music for the song ”Million Miles Away“. Anyway, in the 3rd period of WANDS, Shinya composed lots of music and wrote some lyrics for the singles and the album.
When WANDS disbanded, Shinya composed the song ”My Dearest You“ and so officially debuted as a composer. This song was used for Yuki Terai, which is a Virtual Japanese female singer. Another song composed for Yuki Terai was ”Fly Away Alone“.
At the moment he works in a label called U’S MUSIC and produces the band La-Vie..
He also composed music for TV.
Some fans think that Shinya is a member of LIT-HUM, a band where there is Issei Sugimoto (Issei Ambo) too; but it’s not proved.


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